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Your rights and COVID-19 | CDPDJ

Your rights and COVID-19

Your rights and COVID-19

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Here is some information on your rights in the context of the crisis related to COVID-19. Please note that most of the content of this section is only available in French for the moment.

For more information on the situation in Québec and the measures taken by the government, visit:

For more information on our services in the current context, see: Temporary modifications to our services.


What are the impacts of the exceptional measures put in place by the government on our rights and freedoms? Among other things, on our freedom of movement, our right to privacy, our right to access to health care or our right to equality? How do we understand and enforce our rights at this time? We try to answer these questions in the Mes droits et la COVID-19 podcast.
Listen to our podcast (on Soundcloud) (French only)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Human rights and COVID-19

To find information on how to enforce your rights guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms at work, in housing or in stores, transportation and public places.
FAQ | Droits de la personne (French only)

Youth protection and COVID-19

For children, parents and professionals who work in the field of youth protection and have questions about the enforcement of the Youth Protection Act.
FAQ | Protection de la jeunesse (French only)

Statements, letters and news releases

Find all the communications issued by the Commission since the beginning of the crisis related to COVID-19.
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Temporary changes to our serivces

Our services will be temporarily modified in the current circumstances related to the coronavirus (COVID-19).
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