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Social condition

These may include your occupation, income (e.g., being registered in a social assistance program), education or homelessness.

A person cannot discriminate or harass you because of your social condition. The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms prohibits anyone to:

  • treat you differently because of your social condition
  • make offensive and repeated comments to you related to your social condition
  • behave repeatedly in an offensive manner towards you in relation to your social condition
Social condition can include temporary situations such as being unemployed or being a student.
This video presents the topic of social condition in American Sign Language (ASL)

Do you believe you are being discriminated against or harassed because of your social condition?

The Commission can help you recognize discrimination or harassment and take action to prevent or stop discriminatory behaviour.

Discrimination Harassment Defending your rights

Discrimination when renting a home

Gabriel found a clean and affordable apartment close to his son’s school. The owner seemed willing to rent to him, but then changed his mind after asking Gabriel about his job. When he learned that Gabriel was on social assistance, he refused to rent him the apartment. The landlord cannot refuse to rent the unit to Gabriel for the reason that he is unemployed. This is discrimination on the basis of social condition.

Your rights in housing

Discrimination in a business

Eduardo’s high school is located near a convenience store. When he and his friends went to the store during their lunch break, the owner told her that students were not allowed in at lunchtime. The owner of the convenience store is not allowed to refuse entry to Eduardo and his friends for the reason that they are students. This is discrimination on the basis of social condition (being a student) and age.

Your rights in public services, transportation and places

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