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An online survey is in progress

The Commission is carrying out a public survey since January 23, 2023. This official survey conducted by SOM, a marketing research firm, aims to measure the quality of some of our services. If you have used our services, you may receive an online survey.

How the Commission intervenes

When you file a complaint or request intervention, the Commission assists you in a variety of ways.

We process your file

If we are able to accept your complaint or request for intervention, we open a file.

We help you resolve disputes through mediation

Mediation is always our first suggestion for resolving a dispute. You may request mediation at any point while we are processing your file.


We investigate

After evaluating your file, the Commission may decide to carry out an investigation.

We represent you in court

Following the investigation, the Commission may decide to represent you before the Human Rights Tribunal. We may also decide not to represent you, for certain reasons.

Court representation

Commission staff members explain the various steps
involved in processing a complaint of discrimination or harassment.