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Your rights in juridical acts (contracts, insurance policies)

Everyone has the right to be treated equally when entering into a legal agreement (known in Québec as a juridical act).

This means that you cannot be discriminated against or harassed when negotiating or signing agreements like:

  • leases
  • employment agreements
  • collective agreements
  • wills
  • insurance or pension contracts
  • employee benefit plans; retirement, pension or insurance plans

This right to equal treatment is guaranteed by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.


In agreements for insurance, pensions, employee benefits or retirement: Differentiation on the basis of age, sex or civil status is non-discriminatory if this information is used to evaluate risk.

For example, an insurance company may ask you questions about your age and sex to determine your premiums.

  • Examples of discrimination in juridical acts

    • A school board refuses to rent unused school space to a LGBTQ advocacy group
    • A company’s collective agreement gives more benefits to the children of directors than to the children of other employees
    • When renting to a single parent a landlord requires at least two people to sign the lease
  • What can you do in cases of discrimination?

    If you have experienced discrimination, confirm whether you can file a complaint with the Commission:

    • by learning about the prohibited grounds for discrimination that apply to your case
    • by visiting our File a complaint page

    Prohibited grounds

    File a complaint

This video explains the rights protected in juridical acts in American Sign Language (ASL)