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Your rights in public services, transportation and places

Everyone has the right to equal access to public services, transportation and places.

You are protected against discrimination and harassment when you are in:

  • businesses, restaurants, hotels
  • buses and taxis
  • parks and public places
  • schools
  • churches and other places of worship
  • campgrounds

No one can treat you differently on the basis of the personal characteristics that are prohibited grounds for discrimination under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

Prohibited grounds

The category of public services, transportation and places does not include federal institutions, like:

  • the federal public service
  • banks
  • telecommunications companies (CBC, TVA, etc.)
  • air, rail or sea transportation services (Air Canada, Via Rail, etc.)

You are still protected against discrimination and harassment within these institutions, but it is the Canadian Human Rights Commission that intervenes in these areas.

  • Examples of discrimination

    • A shopkeeper denies entry to someone who has their service dog with them
    • A campground owner refuses to rent a site to a family because they have children
    • A park security guard asks a woman who is breastfeeding to leave
    • A grocer checks the bags of teenaged customers only
  • What can you do in cases of discrimination or harassment?

    If you have experienced discrimination or harassment, confirm whether you can file a complaint with the Commission:

    • by learning about the prohibited grounds for discrimination and harassment that apply to your case
    • by visiting our File a complaint page

    Prohibited grounds

    File a complaint

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common human rights questions that we receive about services, transportation and public places.


This video explains the rights protected in public services, transportation and places in American Sign Language (ASL)