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    For Rent Without Discrimination

    For Rent Without Discrimination is a campaign designed to inform landlords and tenants of their obligations and rights.

    Can a landlord select tenants based on personal characteristics such as age, children, or ethnic or national origin? No. The Charter prohibits discrimination in housing and imposes legal obligations on landlords. 

    The campaign tools help you understand these obligations from rental advertisement and selection as well as when tenants live in the unit. 

    This video imitates a reality show by featuring prospective tenants who must compete to obtain housing.

    Discrimination for having a baby

    Fatou made a telephone appointment to view an apartment for rent. She went there that afternoon with her baby. When she arrived, the owner looked at her in surprise and refused to let her view the unit. He told her that the apartment has just been rented to someone else. Yet, the “For Rent” sign was still up. Fatou was discriminated against on the basis of her civil status. The landlord cannot deny her a place to live because she has a child.

    Discrimination when renting a home

    Gabriel found a clean and affordable apartment close to his son’s school. The owner seemed willing to rent to him, but then changed his mind after asking Gabriel about his job. When he learned that Gabriel was on social assistance, he refused to rent him the apartment. The landlord cannot refuse to rent the unit to Gabriel for the reason that he is unemployed. This is discrimination on the basis of social condition.

    Your rights in housing