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Preventing workplace discrimination and harassment

Preventing discrimination and harassment in your workplace is an essential part of upholding and enforcing your employees’ rights.

  • Make sure your human resource policies and practices are not discriminatory

    In hiring

    • Make sure your hiring process is not discriminatory (job offers, interviews, application forms)
    • Introduce an equal access employment program to ensure fair representation of disadvantaged groups in your workforce

    How? For example, by: 

    At work

    • Treat all your employees equitably, regardless of their origin, age, sex or any other personal characteristic and be sure to provide a discrimination-free, harassment-free work environment
    • Respond to reasonable accommodation requests from your employees

    How? For example, by:

  • Never tolerate discrimination or harassment in your workplace

    whether between:

    • managers and employees (from hiring through promotion)
    • employees and employees
    • employees and other people (consultants, clients, etc.)

    How? For example, by:

    • developing and implementing an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy
    • providing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training for your employees

  • Actively protect your employees from discrimination and harassment

    If you learn that discrimination or harassment is taking place in your workplace:

    • You have a duty to put an end to this behaviour
    • You are responsible for your employees’ actions during the performance of their duties. This means that a complaint can be filed against you in connection with their behaviour.

    How?  For example, by:

    • introducing a procedure to help and provide recourse for people who have experienced discrimination or harassment in your workplace
    • making it easy to report discrimination or harassment in your workplace
    •  responding without delay when someone reports discrimination or harassment
    • taking all reports seriously
    • never taking reprisals