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Human rights

Political convictions: prohibited ground of discrimination and harassment | CDPDJ

Political convictions

Political convictions

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You believe you have been a victim of discrimination or harassment based on this ground?

Political convictions are political ideas in which you strongly believe and identify yourself. For example, you may express these convictions by openly supporting a political ideology, by working on behalf of a political party or advocacy group, or by being an activist.

Political convictions is a prohibited ground of discrimination and harassment. This means that you cannot be treated differently because of your political convictions. As well, you cannot be the target of offensive and repeated remarks or behaviour because of your political convictions. These situations are contrary to the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms This link will redirect you to an external Website in a new window..

For example, you cannot be denied access to a business or a restaurant because you are wearing a political symbol such as a pin, a badge or a sticker.

Claudine has been working as a human resources adviser in a big hospital for the past 25 years. She is appreciated for her good qualities and her many years of experience. Even though she almost never mentions it at work, her colleagues know she is a member of a political party. When her manager retired, she applied for his position. The hospital management advised her to step aside for someone “more neutral”.

Here are some of our publications related to this ground of discrimination. You can find all our publications on this ground of discrimination using a keyword on the Publications' page.

English language translations are provided when available.

Please note: These answers are to be used for information purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice.

  1. Can I be fired because I am a member of a political party?

    No, that would be considered discrimination based on political convictions, which is prohibited under the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

  2. Can I be denied access to a bar or a restaurant when I’m wearing a political symbol?

    No, a person’s political convictions cannot justify being denied access to public places (such as commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, parks, camp sites and trailer parks) or being prevented from obtaining the goods and services offered.

The following video is in American Sign Language (ASL) and is not accessible with a screen reader.

This video presents the topic of political convictions in American Sign Language (ASL)  This link will redirect you to an external website which may present barriers to accessibility..


Did you know?

In July 2015, the Commission filed the first political profiling case before the Human Rights Tribunal against the City of Québec and its police force on behalf of 36 demonstrators arrested during a peaceful march protesting the planned tuition fee hikes.


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