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Human rights

Housing: area where discrimination is prohibited | CDPDJ



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Every person has a right to full and equal access to housing. This right is guaranteed under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms This link will redirect you to an external Website in a new window..

Therefore, discrimination and harassment are prohibited with respect to housing. It is prohibited for any owner or landlord to treat a tenant differently on account of a personal characteristic.

Housing includes the following:

  • Leasing of an apartment
  • Occupancy of rented premises

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Please note: These answers are to be used for information purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice.

  1. I am 18, and my girlfriend and I are looking for our first apartment. I made an appointment by phone to visit an apartment, and when I arrived the landlord looked at me and said that the apartment was already rented. I don't think that he wants to rent the apartment to young people. Am I a victim of discrimination?

    Possibly. Landlords cannot refuse to rent an apartment because of someone's age. To learn more… about Age as a ground of discrimination

  2. Can a landlord require that I provide a guarantee because I'm receiving social assistance?

    A landlord has the right to check a potential tenant's ability to pay. However, refusing to rent an apartment can't be based on someone's prejudices. Holding a precarious job or receiving social assistance doesn't imply that a person will be unable to pay the rent. To learn more… about Social Condition as a ground of discrimination

  3. I was denied rental of an apartment because I have two children. The landlord said that "they will be too noisy". Can I be denied an apartment because I have children?

    No, a person cannot be denied an apartment because they have children. Refusing to rent an apartment to a woman because she is a single parent is also prohibited. To learn more… about Civil status as a ground of discrimination

  4. My landlord discovered that the two women renting apartment 5 are lesbians. He wants to make them move out claiming that: "There are children living in the building. That's not good for them". Does he have the right to do that?

    No. Landlords cannot discriminate against tenants because of their sexual orientation since it is a prohibited ground of discrimination. To learn more… about Sexual Orientation as a ground of discrimination

  5. A landlord refused to rent me an apartment because my previous address showed that I lived on an Indian reserve since I am Huron. Am I a victim of discrimination, or is the landlord allowed to choose the tenants in his building as he or she pleases?

    Yes, you are a victim of discrimination based on your ethnic origin. Landlords do not have the right to refuse to rent an apartment based on a person's ethnic or national origin. To learn more… about Ethnic or national origin as a ground of discrimination

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Do you think you are a victim of discrimination or harassment with respect to housing?

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