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Human rights

Juridical Acts : Area where discrimination is prohibited | CDPDJ

Juridical acts

Juridical acts

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Every person has a full and equal right to be party to a juridical act. This right is guaranteed under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms This link will redirect you to an external Website in a new window..

Unless otherwise stipulated, discrimination and harassment are prohibited with respect to juridical acts.

Juridical acts include:

  • Contracts
  • Collective agreements
  • Wills
  • Insurance or pension contracts, social benefits plans, retirement, pension or insurance plans; public pension or public insurance plans

Possible exceptions:

Discrimination based on age, sex or civil status is deemed non-discriminatory for all types of contracts, and insurance, pension, retirement or social benefits plans where it is established that this discrimination is based on the factors used in evaluating risk.


Please note: These answers are to be used for information purposes only, and do not constitute legal advice.

  1. A school board is renting the facilities of an unused school to community groups. Can it refuse to rent facilities to a gay and lesbian rights advocacy group?

    No, that is considered discrimination because the School Board has established a practice of renting some of its schools to the public when the schools are not being used. To learn more… about Sexual Orientation as a ground of discrimination

  2. I am a single mother looking to rent an apartment. I was told that the building's leasing policy requires that at least two people sign the lease. Is this considered discrimination?

    Yes, this leasing policy is discriminatory. A residential leasing policy can be discriminatory even if it does not explicitly refer to a To learn more… about Sexual Orientation as a ground of discrimination

  3. Can a company's collective agreement contain a clause restricting benefits to upper management's children only?

    No, that would be considered discrimination based on civil status. To learn more… about Civil Status as a ground of discrimination

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Do you think you are a victim of discrimination or harassment with respect to a juridical act?

Check whether you can file a complaint before the Commission by learning about:

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