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The Commission

The Commission - Origin and mission | CDPDJ

Origin and mission

Origin and mission

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The Commission was constituted under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms in 1976. The present name and responsibilities of the Commission result from the merging in 1995 of the Commission des droits de la personne and the Commission de protection des droits de la jeunesse.

The Commission is independent from the governement and fulfills its mission for the sole benefit of citizens and in the public interest.

The Commission’s mission is to promote and uphold the principles stated in:

The Commission also ensures the enforcement of:

The Commission’s mission includes the following responsabilities:

  • Inform the public about rights recognized by the Charter, the Youth Protection Act and Youth Criminal Justice Act
  • Carry out investigations in cases of discrimination and exploitation (under the Charter) and in cases of infringements of children and youth rights (under the YPA or the YCJA)
  • Make recommendations to the Québec governement regarding conformity of laws with the Charter and regarding any issue related to rights and freedoms and youth protection.
  • Undertake and promote research and publications on fundamental rights and freedoms and on children rights
  • Offer an advisory service on reasonnable accommodation to employers and decision-makers
  • Monitors the application of equal access to employment programs
  • Cooperate with any organization, dedicated to the promotion of human rights and freedoms, in or outside Québec
The following video is in American Sign Language (ASL) and is not accessible with a screen reader.

This video introduces the Commission in American Sign Language (ASL)  This link will redirect you to an external website which may present barriers to accessibility..



Did you know?

The Commission’s logo represents openness, the monitoring role and the priority given to the individual.


The two enclosing shapes are inspired by the letters C and D, for « Commission » and « droits » (rights). These two shapes are open at the top, symbolizing the organization’s openness and vitality.

The sphere in the middle represents a person or the Earth, which is people collectively.

Finally, the image as a whole represents an eye, which symbolizes the monitoring role of the Commission.​​​​​