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For more information about your rights and your children's rights in the current context, see the FAQs and resources on the page Your rights and COVID-19. Please note that all of our services continue to be offered online or by phone, even though all staff members are teleworking.

Your rights and COVID-19
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    Privacy policy

    Thank you for visiting our site and learning about our privacy policy, as well as our personal information and privacy practices.


    Certain sections of our website may generate "cookies".

    • They are not used in any way to gather personal information about you;
    • All information automatically transmitted between computers is only used for technological requirements inherent to the browsers or for collecting statistical data;
    • No personal information is gathered by our organization unless the internet user gives prior consent.

    What cookies cannot do

    On our site, cookies do not permit us to know:

    • the name of the user;
    • the Email address of the user.

    The information collected

    The information known by our server when an HTML page is requested, with or without a "cookie" is:

    • the IP address of the user, including the service provider. The address may differ from connection to connection;
    • the browser used, including the operating system;
    • the page where the link was made.


    Electronic messages we receive are treated with the same confidentiality as regular mail.

    For more information

    Contact-us: webmestre@cdpdj.qc.ca