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For more information about your rights and your children's rights in the current context, see the FAQs and resources on the page Your rights and COVID-19. Please note that all of our services continue to be offered online or by phone, even though all staff members are teleworking.

Your rights and COVID-19
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    Organizational chart (textual description)

    This is an organizational chart that illustrates the Commission's organizational structure and shows the names of the managers.

    The first box at the top of the organization chart is entitled " Présidence " and includes " Philippe-André Tessier - President ", " Myrlande Pierre - Vice-President, Mandat Charte " and " Suzanne Arpin - Vice-President, Mandat Jeunesse ". 

    On the first level: Connected to the left and right of the " Presidence " box are respectively the boxes " Direction de l'éducation-coopération et des communications - Geneviève Dorais-Beauregard " and " Direction de la recherche - Claire Bernard " . To the right of the " Présidence " box is also the box " Conseiller cadre stratégique - Josée Morin ".

    At the second level: The boxes linked to the " Présidence " box are: " Direction principale des opérations - Abdou Lat Fam ", " Direction des affaires juridiques - Athanassia Bitzakidis " and " Secrétariat général et administration - Jean-François Trudel " (this box is also linked by a dotted line to the first level box " Conseillère cadre stratégique - Josée Morin ", signifying the functional link between them).

    At the third level: Under the box "Direction principale des opérations - Abdou Lat Fam", there are three boxes: "Direction de l'accès à l'égalité et des services-conseils - Martin Boucher", "Direction de la protection et de la défense des droits - Vacant", "Direction de la protection et de la promotion des droits de la jeunesse - Nicole Anne Vautour".

    At the bottom of the organization chart: Two boxes are connected under "Direction de la protection et de la défense des droits - Vacant": "Accueil et évaluation - Audrey Asseman" and "Enquêtes - Marie-Claude Du Perron". There is also the box " Direction adjointe Gestion des processus, ressources informatiques et matérielles - Julie Pontbriand " which is connected under the box " Secrétariat général et administration - Jean-François Trudel " which is on the second level.