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Example of an investigation

Discrimination in hiring


  • Islene is a 31-year-old mother of two.
  • She was denied a job because she has young children.
  • She filed a complaint of discrimination with the Commission.

What the Commission did for Islene

1. The Commission investigated

The Commission’s investigation established that Ilene had experienced discrimination on the basis of her civil status (the fact that she was a parent). The Commission gathered evidence:

  • During the job interview, Islene had told the employer that she was available at all times.
  • At the end of the interview, the employer told her she could start work that evening.
  • Later that day, the employer contacted Islene and asked if she was thinking of going back to school. She said she was not, because she had children.
  • At the end of this conversation, the owner told Islene that someone would contact her.
  • When Islene returned to submit some documents and get measured for her uniform, the person who had interviewed her told her that he could not hire people with children, and asked why she hadn’t mentioned this during her interview.

2. The Commission recommended that the employer pay Islene financial compensation in the form of moral and punitive damages

  • The Commission recommended this compensation even though the employer emphasized that he had not made Islene a job offer.


  • Islene received financial compensation.

Human rights investigations

When the Commission investigates a human rights complaint, we assess the complaint and gather evidence. We then submit our findings to the complaints committee.

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