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Popular publications

Popular publications


Filing a Report with the DYP is Already Protecting a Child
PDF - 550 Ko - 28 pages - Year of publication: 2008

A child living in a situation that may endanger his or her security may find it very difficult to talk about it. Therefore, people close to a child play a significant role in identifying difficulties and situations which may endanger his or her safety and development. This guide is intended for the general public, and more specifically, for persons working with children. It raises awareness, provides answers to frequently asked questions and helps individuals make an informed decision about whether to report a situation to the Director of Youth Protection (DYP).

Our Services: Defending and promoting your rights
PDF - 182 Ko - 8 pages - Year of publication: 2012

The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse works to help you defend and promote your rights. This leaflet summarizes the Commission’s mandate and services, as well as the rights it is committed to enforcing.

Elderly Persons: Defending your rights
PDF - 182 Ko - 8 pages - Year of publication: 2011

You want to find out if you or someone you know is experiencing exploitation? The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse can help you. This leaflet explains what is exploitation and what the Commission can do to ensure your safety or that of a loved one.

Filing a Complaint: Defend your rights and freedoms
PDF - 198 Ko - 8 pages - Year of publication: 2011

If you think you are a victim of discrimination, harassment, or exploitation, find out how to file a complaint before the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse. This leaflet explains the complaints process, investigation and mediation.

Right to housing without discrimination
PDF - 163 Ko - 2 pages - Year of publication: 2015

Do you believe you were denied an apartment based on your ethnic origin, because you have children, or on any other ground of discrimination? This leaflet explains how to file a complaint if you are a victim of discrimination or harassment by a landlord or rental agent.


Aboriginal peoples: Fact and fiction
PDF - 21 Mo - 180 pages - Year of publication: 2019

The relationship between Aboriginal peoples and Québec’s European colonizers goes back a very long way; it is important to shed light on this forgotten history. This may also help rethink today’s relationship, which often suffers from mistrust and misunderstanding. This document demystifies the reality of the various Aboriginal communities living in Québec by describing them, their history, and their diversity.

Application and interpretation of section 18.1 of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms (hiring and pre-hiring process)
PDF - 287 Ko - 23 pages - Year of publication: 2016

During the hiring process, employers cannot reject a job applicant based on sex, skin colour, or any other personal characteristic that are grounds of discrimination. Indeed, direct or indirect questions aimed at obtaining information about a candidate’s personal characteristics are prohibited in pre-hiring forms, medical examinations, and during job interviews, unless the question pertains to qualifications or skills required for the job.

The Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms Made Easy
PDF - 18 MB - 39 pages - Year of publication: 2016

This simplified and illustrated version of the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms explains the sections of the Law in clear language and with the help of examples.

The Charter Made Easy is available in the following languages:

Discussion paper: La Charte et la prise en compte de la religion (in French only)
PDF - 991 Ko - 87 pages - Year of publication: 2008

This document focuses on expressions of faith in the public sphere, and the relationship between the State and religion. It explains the legal basis for freedom of religion and the State’s obligation to respect religious neutrality under the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. This document also discusses the notion of reasonable accommodation as a corollary of the right to equality. Moreover, it proposes some key points for addressing the issue of conflict between the right to religious freedom and the right to gender equality, particularly in the context of the duty to reasonable accommodation.

(Bill 78) Comments on the Act to Enable Students to Receive Instruction from the Postsecondary Institutions they Attend (S.Q. 2012, chapter 12) (in French only)
PDF - 1 Mo - 57 pages - Year of publication: 2012

Following several weeks of protests against the increase of Québec universities’ tuition fees, Bill 78 was adopted during a special sitting of the Québec National Assembly on May 18, 2012. In this document, the Commission analyzes the law in light of fundamental rights and freedoms.


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