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Migrant workers : our opinion | CDPDJ

Migrant workers

Migrant workers

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Since 2005, the Commission has addressed the plight of live-in caregivers and migrant farm workers in Québec.The Commission also works, since 2008, with the Comité interministériel permanent sur la protection des travailleurs étrangers temporaires peu specialisés, to defend and protect their rights.

English language translations are provided when available.


English language translations are provided when available.

For workers…

Leaflet on agricultural workers’ rights

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Did you know?

Each year, Québec accepts several thousand low-skilled migrant workers from Guatemala, Mexico and the Caribbean, mainly hired to work in the agricultural sector. In addition, many live-in caregivers, mostly from the Philippines, are hired by Québec families to work as child care or domestic workers.



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