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Bullying | CDPDJ



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Bullying can affect everyone whether young or old, regardless of the milieu.

Bullying can compromise one or several rights protected by the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, such as the right to personal safety, integrity, respect for private life, freedom of expression, safeguard of dignity, honour and reputation, the protection of children, the protection of the elderly and disabled people, as well as the right to fair and reasonable conditions of employment.

By virtue of its mission and legislative responsibilities, the Commission can intervene to counter prohibited acts involving different forms of bullying such as:

Over the years, the Commission has addressed the issue of in its research and opinions, from different viewpoints, focusing on discrimination, harassment, or exploitation. It has often reiterated that the Charter and its underlying principles is an essential tool to counter bullying:


Did you know?

The Commission offers training, and can also carry out investigations and take steps to go to court in order to stop acts of intimidation.


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