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Training session - Human rights in the agricultural sector | CDPDJ

Growing rights: human rights in the agricultural sector

Growing rights: human rights in the agricultural sector

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Target clientele

Producers, managers, agriculture sector placement agencies, agricultural workers’ support organizations, farm management and technology students, activists who lead human rights and freedoms defence or education projects or wishing to develop such projects.

Content is adapted to the specific clienteles attending the session.


  • Become familiar with human rights applicable to work in the agricultural sector;
  • Address discrimination in selection and hiring, as well as in day-to-day management;
  • Recognize situations related to working conditions, the duty to accommodation and housing that violates legal standards;
  • Prevent cases of discriminatory harassment.


This training session deals with discrimination in job descriptions and selection criteria, job application forms, interviews, reference checks, including criminal background checks and medical examinations. It gets participants to adopt non-discriminatory management practices specifically with regard to temporary foreign workers.

Educational approach

Content is delivered using discussions, a participatory approach, simulation and other exercises, sharing good practices, and through an interactive presentation.


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​​​All our training sessions are free of charge.

They last 3 hours (or according to your needs) and are offered to groups of 15 people or more in the venue of your choice.​​